The La Metamorphose Paris brand was created out of passion for creating beauty and the vision of capturing femininity in the highest form.

Today, when creating our projects, we transfer to them the composition of sight, hearing and sometimes touch. It is a combination of passion for creation, taking into account all the needs of a woman.


Inspired by imagery that comes from exuberant shapes, artfully sculptural lines, and geometric architecture, Michelle introduces a masterfully tailored collection that achieves a perfect fit for the female body while embracing a sensual, modern approach.

We believe that women can emphasize their inner beauty through La Metamorphose clothes and say: "this is who I am, this is how I want to be and it's only my choice" - just like we made a choice and showed the world what we create for years.


For anyone who loves design, it is clear that this is the result of a very long process, which is influenced not only by the designer's skills and professional professionalism, but also by the mystery inherent in a specific place and the author's vision. Visiting Paris as children, we observed the elegance and nobility of women's clothing. This has become the basis for our mission that we follow when creating La Metamorphose Paris collections.